Jntu Hyderabad : Jntuh 3-2 B.tech R09 R07 R05 RR Regular/Supplementary Exam Results 2012

Jntu Hyderabad: jntuh hyd 3-2 R09 R07 R05 RR Regular/Supplementary Results April 2012

Note :The Results are out Now ! Chek the results from the links below .Result links are updated below

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  B.Tech 3-2 (R09)   Results Link-1   Results Link-2   Results Link-3
B.Tech 3-2 (R07)   Results Link-1   Results Link-2   Results Link-3
B.Tech 3-2 (R05)   Results Link-1   Results Link-2   Results Link-3
B.Tech 3-2 (RR)   Results Link-1   Results Link-2   Results Link-3

Easy Method to check ur results
1) Replace “JNTUZONE” with ur hallticket no in each link given under particular year/semester
2) copy & paste the each url given under year/semester results in ur browser & hit enter to get the results.
Ex: 3-2 (R09) Link : jntuh.ac.in/results/htno/09K11A0520/1047
3) It make take 2 to 3 mins to get the results.if u get any error during this process go to the end of the page to check the results (some times if u get any error still the results will be displayed at the end of the page)
4) Enjoy the way to get faster results. Give Credits to www.jntuzone.com . share this info with ur friends :)
5) Check Sample Screenshot here

III B.Tech. II Semester (R09) Results – April 2012
1) jntuh.ac.in/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1047
2) jntuconnect.net/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1047
3) jntuinfo.com/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1047
4) ibongo.biz/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1047

III B.Tech. II Semester (R07) Results – April 2012
1) jntuh.ac.in/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1048
2) jntuconnect.net/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1048
3) jntuinfo.com/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1048
4) ibongo.biz/results/htno/JNTUZONE/1048

III B.Tech. II Semester (R05) Results – April 2012
1) jntuh.ac.in/results/htno/JNTUZONE/392
2) jntuconnect.net/results/htno/JNTUZONE/392
3) jntuinfo.com/results/htno/JNTUZONE/392
4) ibongo.biz/results/htno/JNTUZONE/392

III B.Tech. II Semester (RR) Results – April 2012
1) jntuh.ac.in/results/htno/JNTUZONE/393
2) jntuconnect.net/results/htno/JNTUZONE/393
3) jntuinfo.com/results/htno/JNTUZONE/393
4) ibongo.biz/results/htno/JNTUZONE/393




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