Jntu Kakinada : jntuk 2-2 R10 Regular/Supplementary Results April 2012

jntuk results 2012 r07 r05 regular suply 2012Jntu Kakinada : jntuk 2-2 R10 Regular/Supplementary Results April 2012

JntuK 2-2 R10 regular/supply exam results are releasedtoday i.e on JUNE 22nd  . Subscribe to our fan page to get the regular updates. Jntuzone.com wishes you all the best. Like us on facebook for more information


Result links are updated below

Check the results from the links below :

Jntuzone.com Results link

Manabadi.com Results Link

Schools9.com Results link

Jntuk Official Website Results link

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  1. Ajay says:

    Exact date plzzzzz

    1. TOPPER NENE says:

      Bhayya 1sy year supply results eappudu boss by A BIG TOPPER OF JNTUK(Afflicaed anukondi) R07

      1. SREE says:

        ( SREE )

    2. sravani says:

      sir plzzz give exact date for 2-2 results

      1. Valivali says:


      2. mahesh says:

        pls ur contact num?
        and i will send k

  2. SATYA says:


    1. tukuna says:

      hello sir enduku result date chepakunda late chesta renti

  3. sudheer says:

    plzzz send the exact date within 2 days

  4. picky says:

    eppudu vachina parle adokati rasam kada ado vasthayile dnt fear jntu is here

  5. varma says:

    plz send the exact date

  6. ramu says:

    plz give d exact date sir

  7. ajay says:

    3-2 ki dikkuledu appude 2-2 kavalasi vachindha

  8. pavanvadrevu says:

    jntu k

  9. tirumalesh says:

    please tell 2-2 results date …

  10. rakesh says:

    expected date voddu exact date ivandi sir

  11. susmitha says:

    exact date plzzzzzzzz

  12. suresh chowdary says:

    june 12th conform date sir

  13. luky says:

    repu vasthaya rava????????????????

  14. choco says:

    sir, pls give us a exact date for a 2-2 result

  15. anji veeranki says:

    asaluuuu results vadduuuuu vaddammmaaaa vaddduy plzzz……………

  16. abhi says:

    tell us the exact dates of 2-2sem

  17. abhi says:

    hi every one latest news for all???? the results will be on 16 of this month after 3-2 results our results will be announced

  18. sri sindhu says:

    please declare the exat date for 2-2 results

  19. hani says:

    who told u mr abhi??? the resuls are on 20th of this month…

  20. Ashok says:

    Meru 32 pampaka poena paruva ledu kani maa jr’s results pampandi

  21. kavitha says:

    when will be the 2-2 results???

  22. sri says:

    plz tel me the exact date of 2_2 results as early as possible we are waiting…..

  23. anusha says:

    plz release 2-2 results fastttttttttttttttttttttttt plzzzzzzzzzzz

  24. madina says:

    confirm date plz

  25. hani says:

    3-2 results amo 4th nundi 14th varaku wait cheyincharuuu… but mammalni ala tension pettaduu plzzzzzzz…………. we r eagerly waiting for our results……………… plzzzzzzzz twaraga post cheyandiiii………

    1. nare says:

      antha baga rasava

      nejanga baga rasivadu results gurinchi pattinchu kodu
      sir’s take ur own time……….
      echina parava ledu leka poyna paravaledu

  26. Ajay says:

    Ne sodi exact date pettandi expected date maku vadhu

  27. lucky says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzz ma result appudu vasthayo chepandi…………

  28. aravind kumar reddy says:

    plzzzzzzzzz ma result release cheyandi fastttttttttttttttttttttt ga

  29. sri datta says:

    sir plz 2-2 resuls conform date

  30. hi says:

    rey 4 days wait cheyyalevaa ….

  31. madhu says:

    r-10 2-2 results eppudu vastayo date chepandii plzzzzzzz

  32. suri says:

    sir me thokkalo results date twaraga conform cheyandi

  33. tanuja says:

    eagerly waiting for 2-2 resultssssssssss

    1. siva krishna says:

      hai tanuja thank u for asking results as soon as possible

  34. bude says:

    arey bude 2-2 results eppudu ra

  35. ravi says:

    2-2 result will be released tommorrow

    1. Name (required) says:

      how do u know ravi ??

  36. chowdary says:

    2 days wait cheyamma

  37. srav says:


  38. srav says:

    heyy thondarga release cheyandi ahey 2 days lo rakapoyhe tension tho chachela unnam sooooooooooo thondarga ivadam manchindi

  39. Ajay says:

    Twaraga release cheyndro tension tension…

  40. naveena says:

    plz tell me the result

    1. somu says:

      vastayi chudandiii today on words

  41. rup says:

    orey babu rendu rojulu aagandira kangaru enduku vasthai le…………… Sir! Exact date twaraga update cheyandi.

  42. sravani says:

    plz tell me when is the 2-2 exam results of r10 regulation

    1. mani says:

      fourth week of this month….may be in 21st to 27th

  43. veer says:

    sir,pls post the expected date of r10 2-1 supply may 2012 results.. plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssplsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    1. pranu says:

      result lo andariki allllllllll clear pata ra babuuuuuuuuuuuu

    2. vijay says:

      please exact date anounce cheyandi

  44. Name (required) says:

    2-2 results exact date update cheyandi plzzzzz………………………………………..

  45. basu says:

    plz release the exact date if u dont release befor 20th i will die

  46. dwija says:

    jntuk correction is too strict… no other university having such rules and regulations only jntuk does

  47. santosh says:

    2-2 result date

  48. hani says:

    june 20 ani antunnaruu… time kud cheppachu kadaaa…. pllzzz twaraga exact time post cheyandi sirrr….. plzzzzzz

  49. Pradeep says:

    please exact date give 2-2 results

  50. ram says:

    exact date of 2-2 results

  51. mouni says:

    Type your comment here…

  52. kanna says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz release soon sir……….
    waiting here….!

  53. ram says:


  54. sriharsha says:

    plz send the exact date
    i am waiting for results plz send the dateeee

  55. prabakar says:

    sir computer organization (cse subject) keep scaling for it and pass all of the members pls……………. sir.

  56. jyothsna says:

    eroju vaste manchidi rakapote mari manchidi………….

    1. sharan says:

      e roju kadhu jyo…..24th na…..

  57. sukku says:

    maku thursday luckyday….appudu thursday ne kada realease chestharu kada esari kuda thursday ne realease cheyyandi plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

  58. trinadh says:

    plzz post the results as past as possible

  59. balu says:

    yeppudochinaa parledu kani andarni pass cheyandi sir …

    yedo mi peru cheppukuntam

  60. sharan says:

    2-2 results are cmng on 24th june its true trust me guys

  61. thiru says:

    results chala urgent

  62. vamsi says:


  63. suri chowdary says:

    sir where is my results plz post exact time and date twaraga post cheyandi sir plzzzz

  64. sandeep says:

    results plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  65. nagalakshmi says:

    Type your comment here…

  66. sai says:

    results e rojju vasthunaya…………………..

  67. m says:

    ivala results vastunnaya leda ,,,,,plzzzzzz twaraga cheppandi,,,,tensen bharinchaleka chastunnam

  68. pranu says:

    result yapudu wating ekada chala tension ga vundi tvaraga patandi
    kalu napulu vastunay

  69. pvk says:

    we r waiting 4 2-2 results when u r given plzzzzzzz give me the exact date

  70. akhil says:

    plz give exact date for 2-2 results

  71. kittu says:

    e roju date 20 ae kada….inka raladu enti results….ivala vastaya lekapothe vera date emaina unte chepandi..

  72. kiran says:

    Type your comment here…

  73. kiran says:

    results eppudu vastae students ki chala ,,,tensen bharinchaleka chastunnamsir where is my results plz post exact time and date twaraga post cheyandi sir plzzzz

  74. kirankumar chennugani says:

    results eppudu vastae students ki chala ,,,tensen bharinchaleka chastunnamsir where is my results plz post exact time and date twaraga post cheyandi sir plzzzz

  75. kodali L C says:

    repu vasthai brothers …….nen ippudey matladaa …pass percentage ekkuva thevataaniki prayathnaalu jaruguthunnai ……..aa vidhamgaa mundhuku pothunnaaru ………jai results …all the best frnds ,…:)

  76. jothsna says:

    sir plzzz twaraga 2-2 results time and date chepandi plzzzzz so much tension sirrr

  77. chocomahi says:

    sir.. as u mentioned there 20th is a expected date.. so expected date has been crossing away.. let us plss knw the exact date date at least nw..

  78. abdul says:

    when wil the 2-2resultsssss man…….????????????????????????

  79. chandu says:

    sir pls send exact date……..

  80. manikanta says:

    sir mi expected dates maku voddu pedate exact date pettandi teliste antekani ela expected dates padi sarlu marchi mammalni tension pettadu its a request plz……..

  81. mani says:

    2-2 exact date pls sir,

    1. buji says:

      results will released on 26 ..sooo dnt worry

  82. abhi says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send exact date for 2-2 results

  83. hani says:

    konchem time tisukunna parledu… anni pass ayyetattu chudandi sirrr plzzzzzzzz.

  84. jntuk bhakthdu says:

    jntuk devullaku namashkaram ma results maku pampandi

  85. GEETESH says:


  86. ram kumar says:

    jntu 2-2result when ?

    1. ramkumar says:

      already released on yesterday

  87. ram kumar says:

    for any doughts regarding jntuk 2-2 regular results visit jntu number 8019223448

  88. ram kumar says:

    for results contact jntuk number 8019223448

  89. ram kumar says:

    for results of 2-2 contact jntuk number 8019223448

  90. U V NAGESH says:

    really jntuk is creating lots of tension to students please release today……….. NAGESH(GMR IT COLLEGE SKLM DST) CSE DEPT please pass ppl

  91. ram kumar says:

    epudu estaru results

  92. Name (required) says:

    chadavandi chadavandi ante vinaledu kadara……….
    ippudu results kosam tension padi em labam

  93. hani says:

    EMTL(E.C.E) sub andarini pass cheyandi… and also all sub… knchm late ayina parledu, anni sub andarini pass cheyandi… plzzzzzzz

  94. saikumar says:

    mastaru results ekkada andi 2-2……………….

  95. rose says:

    andarini pass cheyandi plzzzzzzzzzzzz sir andaram kashtapadam sir plzzz pass all d subjects

  96. sai says:

    entha late chesthe antha strict ga correction chesinatu..

  97. mouni says:

    sir tel the time nd which date u will release it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir pass all the students sir

  98. hani says:

    mr sai.. kaadu… pass % peragalani results date postpone chestunnaranta……..

  99. nani says:

    avuna em septiri em septiri ……

  100. 22/27 ado okati xact ga chepandi doubt oddu k! says:

    Type your comment here…

  101. anil Ias says:


  102. cyndrella says:


  103. sai says:

    babu results eppudu release chestaru………………..

  104. sai raghava says:

    @HANI…kavalante chudu 1-1 ,1-2 results thondaraga vachinapudu passs % ekuva undi,,ade 2-1 appudu chala late chesaru appudu pass % chala takkuva…so………@HANI

  105. sajith says:

    sir results plzz fast ga pampandi plzz pass all

  106. VJSS says:

    Today night or tommorow 2-2 results are going to release

  107. balaji says:

    stay cool guys……………. vachetappudu vastaiiii

  108. hani says:

    @sai ..ee mata cheppi chala tension pedutunnav ga……..

    1. sai raghava says:

      @HANI..tension padina tappadu ..endukante una mata chepali kada..!!

  109. sneha su says:

    please sir 2-s2 results epdo cheppandi ………………20th anaru bt raledu anni results ostnai oka ma 2-2 result tapaa pls say the exact date of 2-2 result

  110. santhosh says:

    hai sir this is the student of PITAM nenu last time chemistry revalution lo pass ayyanu ela chalamandhi diniki karanam jntuk so valution chusi kadhu chadhivi cheyyandi

  111. sandhya says:

    can i know the exact date of 2-2 results…….plzzzzz

  112. sai says:

    enti sir results release cheyyavachu ga eroju students r very eager about thier results

  113. buddy says:

    please give d 2-2 results soon n we want exact date not d expected one

  114. aruna says:

    send exact date for 2-2 results

  115. kvs says:

    please tell me the 2-2 results date.we r very tensed and eagerly waiting for the result.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. 15151 says:

      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooraye result vachineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  116. Name (required) says:

    vasthayo ravo srigga cheppi chavachukadha……thokkalo expected datelu endhuku madhyalo….

  117. Name (required) says:

    thank u for giving me a gud result

  118. aruna says:

    sir pls give exact date for r07 3-1,2-1 supply results 2012

  119. mahesh says:

    vasthayo ravo srigga cheppi chavachukadha……thokkalo expected datelu endhuku madhyalo….

  120. ravi shankar says:

    Type your comment here…