Jntu Kakinada : jntuk 3-2 R07 Regular/Supplementary Results April 2012

jntuk results 2012 r07 r05 regular suply 2012Jntu Kakinada : jntuk 3-2 R07 Regular/Supplementary Results April 2012

 Results are released today i.e on 15th June. Hope for the best.Chek the links below for the result. Like Us For Regular updates –>


Check the results from the links below :

Jntuzone.com Results link

Manabadi.com Results Link

Schools9.com Results link

Jntuk Official Website Results link

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  1. naga shankar says:

    exact date please

    1. chaitanya says:

      4th june

      1. mahesh babu says:

        sir ye time ki release avtai

      2. pawan says:

        boss when is our 3-2 result
        teliste fast ga cheppu ………
        leda nene chepta correct or wrong cheppu 9th kada
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    2. Vijay says:

      Please when 3-2 r07 2012 results will be released

    3. varma says:

      when 3-2 results will be released……………..

    4. pawan says:

      boss when is our 3-2 result
      teliste fast ga cheppu ………
      leda nene chepta correct or wrong cheppu 9th kada

    5. chaitu says:

      we think conform at monday………….all the best you all guys..(-_-)

    6. nag says:

      i called jntuk on the given number today they said results will cum tmrw eve at 8 pm

    7. nag says:

      3-2 results declared on 14/06/2012 at 8 pm(news dy jntuk)

      1. rajesh says:

        evaru chepparu bhayya conform ah??? some are telling that they will be declared before 12pm???

    8. saleha says:

      result iz 2day i.e on 12/06/2012……al the best guys;-)

    9. abhi ram says:


    10. manikanta swamy says:

      neeeeeeammmmma jivitham results kosam chusi chusi cheraku puduthundi chepandira ivalina correct ga release chestara.chachipothunamra babuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    11. nani says:

      nijamga siggu leni aa vc enduku ra babu

  2. Name (required) says:

    plzzzzzzzzz inform us the exact date of results….we are eagerly waiting for our results

    thanking you

    1. sunny says:

      thanks admin for the info.. support jntuzone friends.. they are not the onew who releases the results … so why to blame the admin who is helping us .. thanks jntuzone

  3. mounika says:

    correct date please

    1. Nagarjuna reddy says:

      Today evng 6pm .”.compulsary……dont b tention….. M cld jntu convener……

    2. Nagarjuna reddy says:

      Results at 6 ‘o clock…. Today its cnfrmed by jntuk convener….b cooolllll

      1. vinod says:

        but they told today night…………

  4. Hemanth says:

    What to do with that results???????/

    1. bhararh says:

      on 6th june 3-2 results
      on 12th june 2-2 results

  5. pinkey says:

    sir please say exact date and time of our 3-2 results

    1. venky says:

      pinkey iam just venky

  6. Ajay says:

    When 2-2 results will be anounced?

  7. sangeetha says:

    give us d correct date plzzz

    1. Name (required) says:

      ur mail pls

    2. Ajay says:

      3rd june

    3. sravan says:

      ilove u darling seriously love u darling oppesko darling. nv keka darling. super darling please darling.

      1. Name (required) says:

        pani chusuko ra

  8. siva says:

    give d exact date of 3-2 results

    1. satya says:

      please send 3-2 results timing

      1. Name (required) says:

        i want to know correct date sir when u will release 3.2 result

  9. anil says:

    please send the exact date of 3-2 r07 results regular

  10. sindhu says:

    When 2-2 results will be anounced?

    1. srinivas says:


  11. teja reddy says:

    i came to know from trusted sources that results will be surely
    released on 4th june 11:30am.

  12. pujitha says:

    plz inform the the exact date when the results are going to be released we are very tensed

    1. nag says:


  13. sowmya says:

    plz inform exact data of 3-2 results

    1. Karthik says:

      Our results r out at 11:30am on 4th june

      1. suma says:

        is it true?

  14. sowmya says:

    plz inform exact data of 3-2 results

    1. sree says:


      1. Name (required) says:

        9th fix ipondi darlngs….

    2. dinu says:

      is the result on today?

  15. vicky says:

    plz inform exact date of 3-2 result

  16. Karthik says:

    Wen did our 2-1 supply results vl out. Plz gve d exact date.

  17. Karthik says:

    E ra sravan jntuk vadu neku ammaila kanapadathunnada enti, ”oppesko” ani aduguthunnaav.

  18. Raju says:

    Don’t be so eager about the results they doesn’t make differ in us rather a two day enlightment or a bit frustration say all is well
    its raju

  19. azaruddin says:

    plz exact date 3-2regular xam resuts send me date

    1. ravi says:


  20. janaki ram k says:

    please pass all students

  21. sandya says:

    plz tel me when 3-2 results vl b out …..waitng eagerly

    1. kalyan says:

      on 6th june

    2. ramesh says:


  22. Satti says:

    Hai jntu guys when 3-2 R07 results out

  23. Ravi Teja says:

    @ all
    results will be given on 4th or 6th of this month..
    all the best…

  24. ammu says:

    plz infrm us da xact date of the 3-2 result

  25. ram says:

    is there any chance for me to pass in management scienceexam.i wrote the exam not sooo good

    1. gk says:

      Be positive. Everything will be fine Ram.

  26. suma says:

    is it true that results r today?

  27. lokesh says:

    please tell me the exact date…………………..

  28. janu k says:

    please release the results

    1. Ibrahim says:

      9th june ur h.t numb pls

  29. alekhya says:

    tell me the exact date of 3-2 regular results?

    1. ravi says:

      13th evening

    2. ravvvv says:

      nen chepannu

  30. god says:

    when 3-2 results will com?

  31. mounika says:

    plz tell me the correct tym which tym the results will be released in june 6 tell me the tym also plz

  32. D.Sowmya says:

    sir exact date plzzzz…..

  33. ram says:

    we need exact date plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. ashok says:

    can u plz give me thje exact date of results plz sir?????????????????????

  35. kruthika revathi says:

    when are 3-2 regular r07 results are being announced please send me the correct date as early as possible before they are being announced please…….
    i’m very much tensed about it

    1. surendra says:

      6th june is relsed the 3-2 risultsssssssssss

    2. sameer says:

      9 TH june released …………………..

  36. suchi says:

    plz give the exact date

  37. vemareddy says:

    exact date of 3-2 results

  38. Alekhya says:

    when 3-2 results will come?

    1. ravitej says:

      13 the evening

    2. raviii says:

      dinnema anisarlu rasave
      13th evening

  39. gk says:

    Don’t worry about results guys.
    Just enjoy the holidays.
    Happy holidays………

  40. narayana says:

    it is to day i am the jntu marks uploder in site

    1. saranya says:

      when man?? exact time…….

    2. naga shankar says:

      at what time say truely

    3. kruthika revathi says:

      don’t make us more worried please tel the correct date please…..

    4. prakash says:

      MR.Narayana can u please tell me the time???

    5. sudhakar says:

      sir please , say the date when our results will be released …

      1. Name (required) says:

        june 13th.wed evng

        1. name says:

          jun 13 wed evening hogaya bt where r the results

  41. raja says:

    chaaa 5th results anaru mari kadaaaaaa???????

  42. palak says:

    is tomorrow our

  43. Name (required) says:


  44. saranya says:

    when will it be announced??

  45. suri says:

    exactly 6th.b/w 11.00am to 4.00pm. dnt worry guys… be positive….!!! all d best….!!!

    1. ara time ayendi. nuvvu chepindi

  46. sweety says:

    plz jntu zone give the reply when would be 3-2 results???

  47. srivani says:

    plzzz give d exact date of relesng results
    we are vry eager abt results n at d same time feeling tense

    1. jha says:

      first learn the spelling of releasing………………ok miss srivani

      1. s.v says:

        those r shrtcuts mr.jha

        1. ravi says:

          miss how you know is jha is mr or miss or misses.

  48. praneeth says:

    All the best guys

    1. raju says:

      all the best . . . . For all my friends . . . . . From pandu

  49. krish says:

    When 3-2 results will be announced

  50. sai sree says:

    pleezzz announce d xact tym n date of our rzltzz………gettin tensed…

  51. gopi krishna says:

    Hi Friends………!
    All the best for everyone. I hope that your results will make u happy……
    Have a winning day…….!
    Don,t worry about the results. Just chill out GUYS…….!

  52. ram says:

    nenu jntuk ki phone chesthe asalu chala bad reply inko 1 week ani cheppi phn pettesaru

  53. siva reddy says:

    6th june 12:00 AM results will be arrived declared by jntuk

    1. ram says:

      Is it exact time????

  54. kalyan says:

    When will the results will be released tomorrow exact time……..please…..

  55. kalyan says:

    kindly tell me the exact time…………….please………

  56. admin says:

    Hello Dear 3-2 Jntuk Friends,

    The results may be released on June 6th. If that does not happen it may be delayed a week . That is the information we have right now. Hope all goes well. All the best :)


    1. Name (required) says:

      but you didn’t say at what time

    2. sraavan says:

      thanks dude…

    3. Name (required) says:

      hey when will be the results man r u there

    4. Name (required) says:

      all right then at what time is it now or ……………..

  57. rama kalyan says:

    All the best ……………friends…….be positive……….gud nyt……..wake up with tense morning have a happy sleepy today

  58. shanmuk says:

    when 3-2 results would be anounced…………

  59. anil.s says:

    june 6th arrived…..vl results cum 2day?if so by wat tym???

  60. sita says:

    All d best frndzzzzzzz

  61. dinesh says:

    Results are releasing today????? … Admin please post the information

  62. gopi krishna says:

    Gooooooood morning friends.
    Have a nice day.

  63. nithya says:

    plzzzzzzzzz say the exact time of 3-2 results.

    1. Srinivas Chowdary says:

      May be i think the result will be on 16/17th
      bt eagerly waiting for it….!!!!

  64. Avinash says:

    Thank you for jntu

  65. satish says:


  66. ravi teja says:

    what is the time of releasing?

  67. pujitha says:

    sir we are very tensed this result will decide our life sir we have campus drive based on this results plzzzzz … we want exact tym sirr

  68. Javali says:

    Sir We r so exited abt our result
    plz give in time as to the scheduled date.Even We r well performed we r tensed abt our results.We want reply sir

  69. venkapavankumar says:

    Hi Friends………!
    All the best for everyone. I hope that your results will make u happy……
    Have a winning day…….!
    all the best guys…………….

  70. sowjanya says:

    plzz tel me the correc time..

  71. sravya says:

    r the results sure fr 2day??

  72. nagu says:

    Frnds… If anybody know results are releasing today??????? Please post it… Don’t be silly… Please post time also….

  73. NAZEER says:

    expected time please

  74. sowjanya says:

    plzzzzzzzz send the correct date of 3-2 results..

  75. dinesh charan says:


  76. gandhi says:

    3-2 results will release today r not

  77. honey says:

    sir please reply to us ? when are our jntuk 3-2 results……………..please give me reply

  78. swapna says:

    sir is our reslys 2day 3-2

  79. mounika says:

    tell me d correct tym is d 3-2 results r releasing 2 day r nt

  80. prasanna says:

    we r very tensed…..pls give out our results sooooon..its june 6th n already 11.30…we r waiting…say exact tym ..

  81. monica says:

    need da exact tym plzzzz….

  82. arun says:

    when3_2 results wouid be anounced

  83. vasubabu says:

    all the best guys …i hopethe results will make u happy

  84. raj says:

    ekkara babu results

  85. Alekhya says:

    plzzz say the exact time of 3-2 results??????????

    1. raviteja says:

      13th evening
      all the best alekhya

  86. dwarakanadh says:

    all is well. dont afraid of result. be cool. be prepare for next year exams.

  87. rejoice says:

    results will be in the afternoon.

  88. Name (required) says:

    huhhhhhh the 3-2 results is on june 9th

    1. Name (required) says:

      9th is correct guys :P

  89. lakshman says:

    time plzzzzz….

  90. sudheer says:

    is results to be anounced today!

  91. pavan says:

    res r not releasing today…v.c is not available may be res will be in nxt week….

  92. sss says:

    hey plz give a clarity about results today or 9th

  93. indu says:

    plzzzzz tel d correct time n date.

    1. priya says:

      all d best

  94. kala says:

    results are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. oka student says:

    tension vachestndi baboi……chepandi rzlts a tym ki vastayo????pleeeeezzzzzz…………..

  96. Name (required) says:

    admin ji aap kha hi ji aap booliye results abhi aatha our nahi ji boliye

  97. sushma says:

    pls say exact time

  98. ram says:

    guys…. waiting for results ha…. there nt yet out may be this saturday yar just wait …….

  99. vinayak says:

    is today is the date of relising the 3-2 results….?
    plzzzz inform the time also

  100. siri says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends, it is JNTUK. have u ever seen that JNTU had released the results ontime? It will be released like a cyclone. Just wait,be cool.I hope everyone will get better marks.
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Eswar says:

      Thanks :-) :-):-):)

  101. nadiya says:

    sir..plz tel me….wen d results r release..we r veryyyyyyyy eagerly to knw

  102. Nadiya says:

    xpected date?????? bt nt sure ri8???????? plz kindly tell me the xact date nd time

  103. sss says:

    how to know aggregate plz give me number

    1. sivasaikumar says:


  104. sneha says:

    Hi.. Display the exact time of our 3-2 results.. If postponed display the same. But inform the exact information.

    1. chandu says:

      hai how u got ur result

    2. rahul says:

      Type your comment here…

  105. u v r k naidu says:

    helllllo…….. sir plz give us correct date and time to see results……

    1. kk says:

      results will come on 8th i think

  106. Krishna Teja says:

    plz give the exact time of results

  107. satendra says:

    is really r10 2-2 results released on june 12?

  108. krishna says:

    at wat time today?/

  109. Ashok says:

    Plz tel me sir results are released today or not,we are in tension so plz tel me sir????????

  110. sai says:

    we want exact time of 3-2 r07 results

  111. sudheshna says:

    when release 3-2 results

  112. PRANATHI says:


  113. kalyan says:

    results are delayed by a week

  114. phani says:

    Results released today???

  115. anusha says:

    date&time of 3 2 results

    1. devil says:

      send me your address. I will send your results to your address…….

  116. danger says:


  117. bhavani says:

    sir,please give me the exact time,my frnd told dat at 11:15pm results were gng 2 released……………..

  118. jagadeesh challa says:

    3-2 results wich time relegud

  119. vijju says:

    sir pls tel me the time whn u relese ..me nd my frnds were eagerly waiting…..

  120. anil.s says:

    dnt tense frnds.b cool..our results r nt 2day……its on 10th.i just came to knw frm trusted sources

    1. sree says:

      r u sure anil???temme d crct info yaar…plz

  121. Subhani says:

    Tel me exat date
    nd 9243342000 for aggrgade

  122. Eswar says:

    Hello sir please inform to students before releasing the 3 2 results , all the students are under confusing please mentione exact date and time:-):-)

  123. janu says:

    could u please tell me the time of release of results 3-2 jntu kakinada

  124. Sri says:

    Hey results r on 9th.don’t tense.it will be good

  125. EEE says:


  126. nageswari says:

    sir when will 3-2 jntuk results will be out??

  127. manaswini says:

    plzzzzzz tell me the exact date and time of results

  128. Nadiya says:

    All d Best guyzzzzzzzz…. :)

  129. J.sowjanya says:

    plzzzzzzzzz tell me exact time plzzzzzzzzz.

  130. priyanka says:

    please say the exact date of results

  131. shabaz says:

    bokkalo results nakenuku

    1. monika says:


  132. madan says:

    jntu ki ph cheyandi amma cheptaru call to____08842300907

  133. madhu says:

    atleast respond sir please

  134. ravi says:

    tell me date n time 3-2 results

  135. Hyma says:

    Can u plzz tell me 3-2 exam results date and time

  136. karthika says:

    they alsoo dont knoww guysss,..bee ccoooooooooolllllllllllll

  137. Name (required) says:

    correct date cheppandi.chala tension ga undi

  138. Arfath says:

    Naku mail cheyandi results vastey

  139. sweety says:

    admin its 8:30 pm now so plz tell results r today r not

  140. gokul says:

    when 3-2 results will be released?????

  141. bharat kumar says:

    kindly tell me the exact date of release of 3-2 results of jntuk

  142. indu says:

    Plz tell me exact time?????????.we are all waiting for results:>

  143. kalyan says:

    frnds…..ika bajjondi..its time to sleep….154 questions ki okka perfect answer kuda raledu…..its like jntu question paper

  144. kalyan says:

    next sem mid online bits teesukuni prepare avvandi…tension adey taggipothundi………

  145. ajitha says:

    3-2 results will be released on june 14th

  146. VIJAY says:


    1. admin says:

      Dear vijay ,

      the results will be released by this week. It may be any day we cannot exactly say that will be the day the results will be relesed. Thanks


  147. tripuraneni says:

    this is outrageous…
    We have been waiting 4m morning for da results. If u can provide the correct the correct date and time of the release, we would stop wasting time waiting 4 dem

    1. admin says:

      @Dear Tripuraneni :

      Even we have been waiting for the result. We are not having any 7th sense to predict the exact date and time. We are just helping you guys in getting the probabal information. It is not our mistake if the Jntuk administration would not release the result. Finally be cool we are here to update you as soon as you get the result. Thanks one and all for being with us. We wish you all the best for your results . Thank You Guys :)


  148. VIJAY says:

    morning conform plz tell me time

  149. Sri says:

    Plz plz plz sir 3 2 results epudu relase time chapandi sir

    1. abhi says:

      9th na vastai

  150. abhishake says:

    when 3-2 results

  151. geneis first says:

    chilllll guysssss…………. the results are gng to be released this weekkkkk………….. its gng toooooooo pretty guddddddddd………..
    have a great day guyssssssss……… all the besttttttttt forrrrrrrrrrr urrrrrrrrrrrr prolonged resultsssssssssss…….

  152. nitu says:

    exact date of 3-2 results

  153. bevarse jntu k(koja) says:

    memu results time ki ivalem pararam bokku galam

  154. all the best guys all royal civils results are results on 9th….

  155. vemareddy says:

    all the best guys

  156. chinni says:

    sir plz tell me m.tech 1st sem results for jntuk apudu vasthayu ??????????plz tell me

  157. 123 says:

    tell me the exact date we are eagerly waiting……… depending on this results our campus drive will be started…

  158. jan saida says:

    plzzzzzzzz tel me the exact date of jntuk btech 3-2 results

  159. student says:

    seniors results vachi enni days ayindhi inka enni days ilaa suspense lo pedatharu fast gaa release cheyandi

  160. Name (required) says:

    hlo sir 9th is exact date?

  161. Kala says:

    3-2 results out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Kala says:

    plz check guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  163. ravi says:

    i’ve called to jntu surely the result will be on 11

  164. ravi says:

    dont post irressponsible posts@kala

  165. jeffa student says:

    ento ee results ….monsoon vachinappudu vastayanukunta….

  166. gayatri says:

    when will b the xact date of 3 2 results sir…we r hanging for those

  167. mounika says:

    plz tell me d correct date we r eagerly waiting 4r our results

  168. jntuk staff says:

    jntuk results are going to be announced on 11th june i.e monday…that is for sure….

  169. anand says:

    Today our results?????…

  170. phani says:

    Hai students don’t feel tenstion.

  171. padma says:

    can u plz tell me when the results are going to be released?????

  172. ram says:

    i made a call to jntuk yesterday the reply from jntuk is that the results will be on monday i.e..,on 11th june 2012

  173. anusha says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz chepande result repy na

    1. satish kumar says:

      ya y…!, ur so ………………

  174. Name (required) says:

    Is 11th is the exact date..??

  175. rima says:


  176. ramana kishore says:

    today @4.30pm jntuk result…..
    jntuk already started to upload the marks…….

    1. student says:

      nijam gane vasthaya

  177. yashu says:

    is that for sure???

  178. ravi says:

    results eppudandi 2day confrm ga vasthaya?

  179. nagendra says:

    tommarow 12.30 pm

  180. Name (required) says:

    FRIENDS CORRECT INFORMATION FOR JNTUK ZONE STUDENTS TOMMOROW(9 th kani lekapothe 11)eee….two dates lo sure trust me dont worry friends be cool galileo has told one stament “SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL,FAILURE IS NOT END.OK BE COOL ALL IS WELL

  181. kala says:

    sorry guys i think june 11 r 12th 3-2 results

  182. Sri Vishnu says:

    3-2 results will be on 9Th June at 5 p.m…………..Ready for the 4-1 all the best


    1. Name (required) says:

      evaru cheparu babu neeku

      1. Vishnu says:

        My principal

  183. tejaswi says:

    hi tommoraw what time results will released

    1. satish kumar says:

      may be 3pm..,

  184. vinod says:

    kiran sir…..ur helping allot…..
    and all the 3-2 students……be cool all is well ………our reslut ra released on some date ……
    de cool and be confindent……
    wish all the best………………

  185. hari says:

    june 9th na 3-2 result conform ga vasthaya

    1. genesis first says:

      today our results are gng to be outtttttttttt………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. honey says:

      results will be on 11th to 17th

  186. satya says:

    okokalu oko date cheptnaru..9th z da cr8 date or nt? any 1 plz tell..n at wat tym?!

  187. praveen says:

    9th cnfirm hA

  188. yashi says:

    on what tym the results may release?? if u hv any info regarding this plzz updatess

  189. jntuk staff says:

    why so many questions…it is confirm that the 3-2 jntuk results will be out on june 11th i.e on monday….

  190. friend says:

    hi dudes don’t waste time on dirty results,percent….
    we just need avg cut off…after comptin of final yer we will get it…
    try to improve programming skills that every company needs…….half of d students(more than 70+ aggregate) fails in dis skills and roming in hyd streets for job after compltin of b.tech…..at present max students hav aggregate…so try to make d diff from all others….all d best for ur bright future…

    1. pavan says:

      adi maku telsu lae

  191. dexter says:

    nope, today results are not going to come. they will come for sure on12

  192. 45545 says:

    no one know what is the correct date of results wait every thing will be ok be cool dont get tensioned ALL THE BEST TO ONE AND ALL

  193. 45545 says:

    no one know what is the correct date of results wait every thing will be OK be cool don’t get tensioned ALL THE BEST TO ONE AND ALL

  194. koti says:

    At what time results will be released

  195. mounika says:

    d results r coming 2day r nt plz tell me d correct date we r getting tension abt our results

  196. nithya says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzz…….. say the xact date and correct time……
    is results today or not …..
    if today then plz………… say the xact time……
    be cool……….
    every thing will be ok………..

  197. Name (required) says:

    3-2 results e roju 5.30 datina taruvata may be ravachu, 11th is final date , don’t tense be cool , racinappudu leni tense eppudenduku. “wish all the best………………

  198. ramu says:

    Eroju results vasthaya?????

  199. swapna says:

    today is jun9 r u sure is our results 2day we are tenseed alot plz sir rply us

  200. student says:

    hello frnd(jntu)! e roju 3-2 results vasthaya.plz yaar tell ma

  201. xyz says:

    3-2 results will be released 2day

  202. prabhu says:

    3-2 results will be out 2day only

  203. Hyma says:

    At what time the results r released

  204. ram says:

    i would like to know why this results dates are going to postponed plz give the original date for results

  205. mahesh says:

    chepte sariga perfect date chepandi . . . lekapote taaada teesta. . .

  206. vinayak says:

    thank u admin for giving us valuable information…
    but can i know the xact day plzzzzzz

  207. satish kumar says:

    i hope better for me………..

  208. ankitha says:

    erojaina results vosthaya????????????

  209. ankitha says:

    I am eagerly waiting for results……plz tell exact date….i am very tensed abt results…

    1. shankar says:

      cool swetha……results are not going to come today………they will be on monday or tuesday………

  210. sri says:

    time plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  211. priya says:

    when is 3-2 results..??? is it today or not..???? plz inform something sir..

  212. bokkalay says:

    ee reusults thomaku pani ledu@bavars youthhhhhh

  213. Name (required) says:

    sir did you get any information regarding 3-2 results today

  214. mahesh says:

    no clear view of any required things

  215. gandhi says:

    ivala vasthaya leda inko website lo ravani petaru..meru vastay antaru

  216. Shiva Manikantha says:

    hello sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell
    me correct time cheppandi evala
    confirm ga release avutaya sirrrrrr

  217. lakshmi says:

    sir, please mention the time&date when we release the results.

  218. satish says:


  219. krish says:

    etuvanti information lekunda dates matram announce chesestaru…. yyyyyy????? in which you can announce the date???

  220. Sagar says:

    Sir.. 3-2 results when will be come(what’s time). Plz inform sir.

  221. dinesh says:

    jntuk 3-2 results are releasing today Evening…….

  222. MANI says:


  223. sri says:

    r v getting the results today…….???

  224. Name (required) says:

    sir results epudu reles chestharu sir 3 2 vi

  225. dexter says:

    today results are not going to come..

  226. TATA says:


  227. student says:

    ekkada results aslu eroju vastaya..jntuk..worst….i

  228. pinky says:

    is today the exact date for 3-2 r07 results

  229. swetha says:

    eroje kadha 9th…..eppudu estharu results???? @ admin

  230. Name (required) says:

    kiran sir what about today?
    give answwer to us

  231. sudheer says:

    e roju confirm gaa results vasthaya @admin………….

  232. Name (required) says:

    in what time do the results released

  233. ravi kiran p says:

    tension bharinchalekunam,9th anaru kani inka rala,xact date plssssssssssss

  234. pawan says:

    results eappudu admin

  235. veera says:

    all the best my frnds results r out

  236. sharif says:

    4:30 ki results vastai annadu evado jafffa gaduuuuuuuu………….inka rala…………….eppudu vastai raaaaaaaaaaa

  237. Nadiya says:

    plzz tell the xact time????

    1. nero says:

      15th @ 3pm

  238. Nadiya says:

    Is the results today??????? or not????????
    plzzzzzzzz gv the correct info……..

  239. venky smily says:

    I cald jntuk(08843300907) ….they said 3-2 result is on mon ……….

    1. nero says:

      15th @ 5pm

  240. BRAHMI says:

    Eema results vastaya

    eroju vastaya repu vastaya?

    asalu eppudu vastay?

    asalu eche uddesam unda leda?

  241. ravi kiran p says:

    nxt week nxt week antunaru,em inka release cheyalani leda

  242. praveen says:

    babai results vastey twaraga vadalandi ra chala panlunnai ekkada

  243. nero says:

    may b on 15th

  244. jntu says:

    omg when are the results going 2 b released?

  245. bablu says:

    resultss may b releasd on nxt week i.e it may b on 11th-17th n frnds don wory abt d results plz b cool all go’s well

  246. hari says:

    please release the results as soon as possible

  247. vinayak says:

    thanku admin for ur valuable support

  248. lavu says:

    hellow results fast ga release cheyandi sir ikkada chala panulu untai education loans etc etc tec etc ………… plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  249. mahesh says:

    Hai friends its mahesh i need a good girl friend with good qualities like some beauty,and good chubby cheeks and good humor

  250. ramya says:

    ur name plz and ur number

    1. Name (required) says:

      hi np1419@gmail

  251. swapna says:

    plsssss tell me the exact date we are waiting eagerly for results

  252. Name (required) says:

    Please mention exact date of 3-2 results we are waiting for it..

  253. lokesh says:

    results on tuesday or wednes day i called to jntuk

  254. nagendra says:

    hey ramya,its my email np1419@gmail

  255. Name (required) says:

    ee roju vastaya results plz reply @admin

  256. Name (required) says:

    Sir…irojaina vasthaya 3-2 results? Leka malli date isthara……..? Inkaa enni rojulu wait cheyali sir memu….

  257. aparichit says:

    plzzz tell me the date admin

  258. sandhya says:

    sir please tell me when u will release 3.2 result……….
    today or 17 th tell me fast

  259. sandy says:

    sir asalu vunnaraaaaa result yeppudu vasthayiiii

  260. aaaaaaaa says:

    correct date please

  261. Krishna Teja says:

    @admin plz update the statusw dont waste our time waiting the whole day plz tell us the crct date

  262. ram says:

    lete aina par ledu andaru pass iela choodandi

    1. bhadra says:

      nachavu boss

  263. vinod says:

    hai friends ………
    result late ga university release cheysthoudi jntuzone kadhu so ……..plz support jntuzone…..
    it normal wen we are write exam we must and should wait for our result………….
    be cool……..epudu vachina result same ami maradhu…….kadha …..
    “ALL IS WELL”……………..

  264. Manoj says:

    i have called to jntuk.they have told 13th evng…

  265. sarath says:

    jntu kakinada vallaki summer holidays anta avi ipoyaka release chestaru anta

    1. rascal says:

      papam vallaki kuda kavali kada mari holidays…..

  266. sandy daffa says:

    sandhya avanthi research and technology bhogapuram tondara padaku

  267. ravi says:

    telisi telini dates petti chiraku thepinchadhu
    ledha telisi telisi irrukuntaru

  268. 1st ranker says:

    hai frnds don’t waste ur time for results..go out side&do rockzzzzzzzzzzzz

    results vaste naku mail cheyadam marchipokandi k na.
    bye frnds

  269. 1st ranker says:

    results late ayna paravaledu but jntu hyd kante juntu kkd ki results baga ravali.andaru pass avvali ok.

  270. ramesh says:

    sir if the results are released please send a msg to mobile 8465963770 plzzzzzzz sir

  271. veky says:

    plz tel me when will be 3-2 jntuk results

  272. sravan says:

    hey jntu zone is only a mediator which tels us abt date and all
    but it cannot release results guys plz wait with patience.
    atleast they r informing us abt the result

  273. genesis first says:

    guyss……. i jst called jntu officials and they told me that they vl declare the results wednesday of this week…………..
    so be coolllll………..
    all iss well…………….
    hope for the best frndssssssss………..
    even im waiting vry eagerly for the results yar…… coz our entire future depends on this right…….?

  274. palak says:

    number cheppu manoj call chesav kada…..

  275. naveen says:

    i think 3-2 R07 results may be 13/6/2012

  276. munni says:

    neku girl friend kavalani cheppe place idhena?
    koncham aina sense undha?
    ramya enti neku kuda buddhi ledha vadu oka idiot ammai kosam add ichinattu undhi..dhajniki nuvv respond avadam enti?ammai vi kada knchm control lo undu..please dont use this for ur personal work…shameless fellows

    1. Nani says:

      Nice reply to both ramya and Mahesh. Munni …… Nee full name yenti ?
      please tell me……..

    2. mr.nokia says:

      munni ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,neku evaru line veyadam ledani feel avutunnava?

  277. Manoj says:


  278. pinky says:

    when is our 3-2result plz say exat time and date

    1. darling says:

      Neeku dougth vunte call chai shunt veyyaka norasuko ra samba 0884-2300907

    2. venky says:

      neeku pagilipoddi chebuthunna pinky.

  279. Mounika says:

    @admin thank youuu !!!

  280. pavani says:

    @admin thanks for ur info

  281. jntuk directorate says:

    sorry to say this..the release of jntuk 3-2 results are post poned to 14th june 2012 due to some technical reasons…

  282. jntu directorate says:

    release of results are postponed to 14th june 2012 due to some technical reasons….

    1. required says:

      you must have some commonsense to say like this we are asking you for the exact date bt every time you are postponing the result what is this nonsence

  283. eswar says:

    is it conform or not?

  284. jntu directorate says:

    sorry to say this..the release of jntuk 3-2 results are post poned to 24th june 2012 due to some technical reasons…
    so due to this iam sorry…………students.

    1. Alekhya says:

      when is our 3-2 results plzzz say the exact date

  285. jntuk directorate says:

    3-2 results are released in 17th june due to some reasons

  286. Jntuk directorate says:

    The results for JNTUK 3-2 Semester R07 are not going to release this year please kindly check next year
    yours truely.

  287. Jntuk directorate says:

    results for 3-2 Semester R07 are not going to release this year please kindly check next year
    yours truely.

  288. jntuk directorate says:

    latest news results are going to be realising on mid night of today

  289. Adi reddy says:

    Its wrong information. results is coming on 13th June 2012.
    To day only i have called to my Auncle who is working on JNTUK Exam pannel.

    Dont worry it will come….

    All The Best to all dear friends…..
    plz say All The Best to me ……

    1. jntu uncle says:

      ret adi…. uncle spelling kuda radhara niku?

    2. Abuser says:

      All the best Mr.Adi……..im waiting for my results too…

  290. Jntuk direc says:

    No the results are releasing tomorrow.

    1. jntu uncle says:

      thank you for ur valueble info.

    2. honey says:

      it is not fare for u. u r cheating by saying urself as jntuk directorate. stop it.
      students plz dnt believe him. results r going to release today. all the best for all of u………..

    3. ravi@jntuk says:

      vare jaffa name box lo ….. jntuk drectorate ani petti yedava comments chesthunav enti ?

      dash pagilipothadi jaffa gay

    4. sumi says:

      plz admin give reply its already 5 pm now so plz tell results r today r tomorrow

    5. mahesh says:

      hello sir..when will be 3 -2 results released please mention kindly

    6. srikanth says:

      all the students of jntuk are dicided to give complaint to press about of 3-2 results

      1. chinni says:

        its necessary to give complaint
        vallu results epudu release cheyaliu anukuntunaro apudu date ivachuga max. possible long date ivalsindi anthe kani ila responsibility lekunda chesthunaru jntuk vallu its really our bad luck.
        no one were feeling responsible,

  291. navya says:

    all the best my friends

  292. PAVANI says:


  293. vinod says:

    admin plz remove that worng info having comments ……..we are get confuging due to that……….plz………

  294. sudhakar says:

    we are expecting the results by evening

    please release the results today … i can’t waste my time watchng this site

    ninna 3-2 B.pharmacy results vachesayi kada eroju B.tech vi i\ vasthayi

  295. sriprem says:

    3-2 B.Pharmacy results came where is the B.Tech 3-2 results

  296. vani says:

    results are gng to b relese 2day.

  297. creator says:

    please tell the exact date of the results

  298. Girish says:

    Hello….guys ee jntu…,vaalandaru kalisi mana reslts..,ni evevo chesesi untaru….lekapothe eppudu mana tarvata oo 2r 3days release ayye pharmacy reslts release aipoyayi kani manavi inka cheyaledhu..,naku doubtga undi wht abt u?

  299. NOW says:


  300. monica says:

    im so very exicted for the result…!!!!

  301. Name (required) says:

    results eppudo malli kanukkuni post chey @admin

  302. kranthi says:

    sir wer r d results….. is it today….

  303. subbu says:

    sir plz tell me the correct when results of 3-2 will come

  304. manaswini says:

    jntuk ki cal chesthe reults 14th antunnaru..tell us the correct information sir..we are eagerly waiting for the results

  305. ...... says:

    can u plz tell me,at what time the results may come???

  306. Name (required) says:

    plz mention correct time and date

  307. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    3-2 results eppudu eroja kaaada

  308. sandy says:

    sir result a time ki vasthayiiii
    please tell me time

  309. nani says:

    Results kosam chusi chusi chaaalaaaaa chirakuga undhi.
    Yee rojayina results vasthaya ?????

  310. samyuktha says:

    sir are results are going to be released for sure today if not please inform us sir

  311. Name (required) says:

    results ennintiki ra vp gallara

  312. ayeshah says:

    today i just called to the jntu panel member ,he said due to elections there is light dilemma to announce the results , he didn’t said any exact date , instead he spoke in a aggressive way saying that 53 % have failed , why are u so curious about the results . just be at home and sit tight.

    so my advice folks just chill out and don’t see ur results if u dont wanna panic…..if u have written ur exms so well .and ur very confident then still watch the exams results keeping ur fingers crossed .. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. bharathi says:

    emaindi eroju okaldi kuda comment ledu??……..any ways………..all the best…….dont worry…..

  314. ravi says:

    yes 3-2 results are come out but b.pharmacy

  315. madan says:

    enti inka results raava???

  316. adisubrahmanyam says:

    Is there any chance to release the results today?

  317. swapna says:

    pls tell me the exact date sir

  318. mahesh says:

    mention time plsssss

  319. nikita says:

    13th results anaru ga sir. enka release avaledanti.

  320. genesis first says:

    the results are gng to be rlsd 2mrw evng i have jst calld jntuk officials………….. and thats confirmddddd……………..

  321. teja says:

    why the results r didn’t release at today.
    we r soo tentioned for results.
    so,please release the results immediatly

  322. varsha says:

    please mention the date and time of the result

  323. mahesh says:

    baboi.. results ravaaa inka ..
    ani rojulu .. we are getting mental

  324. tulasi says:

    today b.tech results are not released.
    b.pharmacy results are released.
    when 3-2 b.tech results will be release

  325. sarah says:



  326. vijju says:

    sir when will 3-2 results are released, plz tel us

  327. sohail akhtar says:

    thanks for the info sir.. be cool friends.. results epudu vachhina ave kadaa lyt !!

  328. stupid says:

    result on 6 noo thn on 9 noo thn in bet 11-17 thn 13 noo wat is dissssssssssss???????

  329. pavan says:

    i called to jntuk and they said results will release on tomorrow at 8pm
    thats it……….!!!!!!!111

  330. honey says:

    sir will please say exact date and time of our 3-2 results

  331. Wasim says:

    who told u…da results will be declared on 14th evng….i noe …cozz i made a call to jntu k xamination controller and he told me dat results will be released on 14th evng dat is tomorrow evng

    1. anilkumar says:

      14 evening

    2. anilkumar says:

      14th evening

    3. bujji says:

      already 6 babu

  332. teja says:

    eroju kuda results release cheyaledu.date matuku announce chestunnaru.

    1. vignan says:

      eanduku bhayya tension exam bagane rasav ga mari anta kangaru eanuku boss JNTU result teliyadam ante nvvu 10k lottery win inatte

  333. sandy says:

    thanking for saying time…..
    repu ina vasthaya ravaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  334. PUUU........ says:


    1. varun says:

      bhayya paina vaallani thidithe thittav le malli last lo boss ani respect ndhuku biscuit ;)

  335. rajesh says:

    thanks man!!! i think they will be out now

  336. vani says:

    exact time plz

  337. sekhar says:

    correct date announce cheyandi…….. when u r released ur results……

    1. sekhar says:

      poye xms eppudu relese chesina okkate…………………. so take care2 release ur results….. dnt feel take an lot time 2 release urs results…k
      dont confused…. nd dnt distrub….

  338. Pavani says:

    Erojaina results vastayaaaaaa ………… ?????????? @admin

    can you please tell me the exact time.


  339. wasim says:

    kaadu definitely results eeroje ….eeroju evng…..

  340. chanti says:

    when is our results …plz can u tel me the exact date plz

  341. jagadeesh says:

    inka epudu release chestaru………results mee dagare unchukondi…dates chepi dont put us under tension…..

  342. nikita says:

    how many days they will postpond sir……… im getting heartattach

    1. varun says:

      heart attach !!!! sounds different!! :)

  343. john appa rao says:

    results ivala kuda istharo ledo??????

  344. king of kings says:

    thanks admin for the info

  345. sarma says:

    take ur own time but.. andhrini pass cheseyandi…

  346. lokesh says:

    results wil b out in d evng itself …if u ppl had any doubts cal to jntuk director his num is 9704700005

    1. varun says:

      bhayya nuvvala phone numbers pettesthe call thone champestharu veellu

      1. bujji says:

        r u sure………v r so tensed since a week…plz tel me exact informatin….

      2. lokesh says:

        tappadhu bro…students prob telsina vadini kabattey ala petta…ala dobbitehy aena coect tim telsuthadi manaki…n jntuk vallaki buddi vasthadi in these type of aspects

    2. gayatri says:

      r u sure………v r so tensed since a week…plz tel me exact informatin….

  347. manu says:

    why jntuk playing with students??? we are much tensed about the results.And they are postpone day by day. Daily students are waiting and tensed about the results…. whats this???????

    1. varun says:

      vankai pulsh :D

      1. raviteja says:

        baaa kaliga unnatunav

  348. ravi says:

    time eppudu 2day confirm na 3-2

    1. priya says:

      asalu enti adukuntunnaru epudo conform ga cheppachu kadha.eroju ayna vasthayaaaaaaa

      1. admin says:

        makem thelsu????????????

  349. vasu deva rao( alluarjun fan) says:

    results … ravantee chepadani ei roju intiki velatha.. chala rojulu iendhi veli

  350. manoj says:

    when will results r released
    please exact time today
    pls thank

  351. venkatesh says:

    please say exact date…………………………..

  352. raju says:

    results appudu

  353. manaswini says:

    sir oka exact date n time cheppandi..13th anaru..14th mng anaru..ippudu night antunnaru..plz tell us correct details

    1. Devil says:

      Darlng nduku antha tension vallu manaki results ivaru inka

    2. vijay says:

      results vachey mnas

    3. santosh says:

      exact date chepthe adi university anduku avuthundi……denikanna board of intemediate better cheppina date ki vastai …..akkada exam rasindi malli oka 5laks people annattu ….jevitham antha upload chestunam ani chepthunnadu…..

  354. ravi says:

    please tell us the exact date

  355. vijay says:

    sir plz tell me maa results appudu

  356. vani says:

    hello oka exact date and time cheppandi 1 week ninchi andarini tension pedutunnaru exact time plz

  357. bharathi says:

    JNTU anantapuram 4-2 results kuda ochesay…but..jntuk 3-2 enka raledu…53% pass ani bayapetadam okati malla..

  358. bharathi says:

    soo sorry…53%fail..

  359. vinod says:

    Dear admin,
    plz ask our honrble university .why they are take these much of time for releasing our 3-2 result .we want to know the main reason for that thing……….plz do this for us…….

  360. bujji says:

    r u sure………v r so tensed since a week…plz tel me exact informatin….can any1 tel me exact date nd time 3-2 results….plz……..

  361. Name (required) says:

    midn8 ah……enkem time dorakaledha meku release cheyadanki………makem vadhu results methone vunchukondi…….

  362. tippu says:

    jntu k is like..Gajini…
    so,,it announcing the results and all of sudden.. forgot about the results…dats y the postponement on releasing of results would happen.

  363. yogi says:

    idi emina midnight masala na roju night melukoni chudataniki

  364. Natsu says:

    Hey. Wen r the results goin to be releasd.. Im here becomin mad due to some misundrstndngs with my gf nd these results not being released til now has become anthr madness for me.. I doubt they wont release today either..

  365. ravi josh bujji says:

    hey results direct ga man home ki pamputhunaranta guys anduke late aindi anta jntuk lo letters pampe post man cheppadu

  366. varun says:

    On calling jntuk they said that results may be announced by 8pm today , i can’t guaranty the exact time but advicing u guys to check ol at the time around 8pm btr than sticking to the system from mrng :)
    All the Best. B)

  367. bujji says:

    6 ki compulsary ga vastaya results…..

  368. bujji says:

    arey idiot results epudu?

  369. aasdadafg says:

    eroju results vastaya

  370. vijay says:

    results vacheysay

  371. satya says:

    wen u dnt knw da exact tym of da commencement of results..den why r u posting “results will b declared on 13th by midn8 dis way..” @admin

  372. harrr says:

    when will be the results is it today

  373. rakam says:

    ori konte results ivvandi bey..

  374. pindam says:

    dikkiga rsts vasstaya rava

  375. bharath says:

    hi friends @bharath

    results ivala voste ravochhu ldha raakapovachhu.endukante nenu jntuk ki phn chesa vallu processing lo vundi ani antunnaru so adigite ivala ravandi.voste repu ravochhu ani annaru.


  376. BHARATH says:

    NUMBER .0884-2300907

  377. BHARATH says:

    NUMBER KI PHN CHEY JNTUK 0884-2300907

  378. lafidh says:

    3 days nundi wait chestnam reslts kosam…

  379. swapna says:

    sir na birthday undi sir tension tho em cheyalo ardam avatle kasta prasantam ga chesukovalante evala echeyandi sir results plssssssssssssss

  380. krishna says:

    sir its evng 6 ayyindhi …inkeppudu vasthayi results ?

    midni8 varaku wait cheyyala ?

    sare poni miodni8 varaku ina wait chestham sure ga vasthaya ?

    the wait is over still has to wait some time friends

  381. raviteja says:

    entha letaitha antha manchidhi
    lets enjoy

  382. anith says:

    hey jntuk don u hav common sense here students r suffering a lot n dey r feelng vry tensed
    n v heard abt xm,s postpond bt wat is dis hell v r eeing dat result r postponing

  383. manisha says:

    conform ga ni8 vasthaya…?????

  384. game says:

    mallli sunday antunnaru nijamena plz post the truth

  385. sankalp says:

    hey results emina gambling ayyyaya enti inni sarlu postpone chestunnru……………………….. we hate jntuk

  386. Name (required) says:

    say the xact time man

  387. bujji says:

    ne yabha results epudu……..

  388. bujji says:

    eroju vastaya results?

  389. fazal says:

    inka eppudu?

  390. munni says:

    correct ga date and time cheppandi plzzzz….call cheste kalavadam ledhu….evng 5 nundi 7:30 aindhi inka kalavala line…frnds meku emaina telisthe cheppandi vere num emaina unda or any othr information regarding results plzzzz tell me

    1. Vikky says:

      Guys is this any fun???… Dont play with the students… one of my friend fell ill because of this bloody comments sayin now then and etc… If u are sure about the date and time then reveal it… or else shut ur f_ _kin ass and stay calm until the results are out…

    2. ashok says:


  391. lokesh says:

    resluts wil b declared on tomorrw….just now i made a cal to jntuk directr mr. ravindra sir..he replied me as resluts wil b declared on tomorrow

  392. manu says:

    inka eppdu res time to 8……….

  393. pratpap says:

    sir please give me exact date

  394. madan says:

    call to other numbers of jntu…..0884-2300911

  395. student says:

    hamma munni niku thelisina num naku send cheyyi thalli………..
    ha jntuk valla pani chepthanu……….
    chachipyetatlu vunnamu tention tho

  396. shankar says:

    results will be tommorow or sunday but not today

  397. chinni says:

    call chesthe 4ki ivala 8:30 ki vachesthayi ani cheparu…but its crossed
    asalu results iche vudesam vunda?
    andari health ni paduchesthunaru jntuk valu by incresing their blood pressure.
    any way guys plz try to get more info. abt the results plzzzzzz i’m very much tensed..

  398. @@ADMIN says:

    So , Guys Better to stop searching the results for today & don’t believe that the rumors spreading as “the results may arrive at minute on or before 14/06/12 midnight ” .

    The Results Will Be On Sunday(Jntuk Directorate said that the result may on 14 if it missses the result will be on sunday , hence we placed the second tentative date also.

  399. vinod says:

    babu ippatikaina cheppandi results tension kanna elaga wait chestunte inka tension ekkuva avtondi………
    pls okkate cheptna meku sariga telisthe eppudu vastayo cheppandi ilaga wait cheyincha voddu
    frnds not for u………….

  400. hariteja says:

    wen r the results my foot

  401. sandy says:

    hiii bharath neanu cl chesanu but they r not saying exact date&time what we will do now

  402. kanna says:

    sunday???????????? eh jntu vallu results ni ekada petkuntnaro ardam kavatldu avemaina gudlu pedataya? shit

  403. sandy says:

    enti malli sunday ki postpone chesara chaaaaaaaaaaaajivitham

  404. vasu says:

    thank u admin

  405. shreya says:

    thanks admin for the info.. guys subscribe to the fan page – fb.com/jntuzone

  406. praveen says:

    im still waiting for the results plz… mention exact date and time.

  407. kalyan says:

    i have called to jntuk director of evaluation he said that results will be released tomorrow..

    1. masawini says:

      nu yeni sarlu call chesina vallu 2mrw anne antaru.

  408. name says:

    thankss admin

  409. manaswini says:

    tk u 4 information sir..gud ni8

  410. kalyan says:

    jntu k guys are really shame less idiots !!!! they cant even manage to say the exact date of results !!!! they shuld be ashamed of themselves

    1. AK says:


    2. student says:

      plzz provide with xact info…will the results be released even today?

  411. AK says:

    results vadu ela na date marchandi bagundi
    thanks 4r jntuk

  412. raviteja says:

    Good joke

  413. swapna says:

    enduku sir ela jeevitalatho adukuntunnaru emaina paers poyaya enti cheppandi parledu

  414. vemareddy says:

    jaffa epudu results

  415. santosh says:

    teliste update pettandi lekapothe teliyadu ani vadileyyandi mid night ani lekapothe tmrw ani…..chepadhu please….. maku results kavali mee updates kadu…..

  416. Vani says:

    Adedo 9th ne sunday ani chepte calm ga undevalam kada,,veetivala ma 4th year classwrk kuda disturb avtandi…chi..

  417. sindhu says:

    im still waiting for the results plz… mention exact date and time.
    will results be released tomorrow surely? ple…. tell only if u know exactly..

  418. santosh says:

    meeru ila late chestunte mee meeda naku varity doubts vASTUNNAI amina dinchik dinchik jariginda ma results lo

  419. sai says:

    results anevi cheppi ravu avi vachinappudu manam chuskovali………..

  420. salini says:

    havng fun reading everyone comments ha ha ha ha!!!! i m dyng wit tensn but readng all d comnts makng me laugh!!!

  421. anuhya says:

    mention d exact date plz

  422. anuhya says:

    plz mention d exact time and date result chsukovalanna chiraku vachesthadi maku inka enni sarlu postpone chesthe

  423. anuhya says:

    students i result rakundane champesthunaru kada e university vallu

  424. Anil says:

    enni times marchutharu
    plzzzzzzzzzzz tel the exact date

  425. phani says:

    results date pls

  426. Ravi says:

    Sunday na ? Apativaraku no sleep ha ?

  427. Bhargav says:

    why don’t you posted
    any coversation

  428. Name (required) says:

    admin 3-2 on 18 jun

  429. krrish says:

    in which month results will be relesed??????????????

  430. satya says:

    when are 3-1 supply results r07 will release plz inform date

  431. Name (required) says:

    thanks admin

  432. nikita says:

    tanq so much sir, for ur job. tanx a lot………

  433. aayeshah says:

    thank u @ admin for ur valuable support

  434. anusha says:

    what about the results of civil department?when will be the remaining subjects gets released?

  435. annephanikumar says:

    sir 3-1 ro7 supply results when will be released ?

  436. phani charan says:

    sir 2-1 r07 supply results eppudu vasthai sir

  437. honey says:

    when are jntuk 3-2 revaluation results please give any information about this

  438. pinkey says:

    in this year 3-2 correction very bad.jntuk people not corrected papers properly they gave less marks to so many of us

  439. tulasi says:

    Sir, please tell when this jntuk b.tach 3-2 results will be announced…………….