Jntu Kakinada:Jntuk 1-1 r10 regular results 2012 | Jntuk R10 1-1 results 2012

Jntuk 1-1 r10 regular results 2012 | Jntuk R10 1-1 results 2012 |Jntuk R10 1-1 results 2012:

The jntu kakinada results of 1st year 1st semister are released on march 22nd .Chek the results below by typing your hall ticket number and get your result !

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Jntuk 1-1 R10 Reslts Released ==>

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Here you can find Jntu k R10 1-1 results 2012 and Jntu k R10 1-1 results 2012 updates.

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  1. seshagiri says:

    plz inform the date of 1-1 sem result in 2012 plzzzzzzzzzzzz inform me ………………

    1. keerthi says:

      pls inform about 1-1 results

      1. harsha says:

        please dont release if i fail

        1. saiteja says:

          me 2..

          1. SURTHI says:

            WE ARE WAITING FOR RESULTS BUT NO ONE GIVING EXACT DATE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          2. harsha says:

            for more convinient plz give me your phone number sruthi plz………….

          3. sanjay says:

            hey results seems to be released on march 17th

        2. milky says:

          please give updates about,when wil r10 1-1 2012 results wil b released

          1. jhansi says:

            please give the information about 1-1 results

      2. nagababu says:

        march 1st weeklo

      3. March2 to be results was released.

      4. teja chowdary says:

        make teliyadhu…………..

      5. krish says:

        hi i am krish r101 1 results release on march 17 k pls give me your phone number

        1. pravali says:

          bt at what time our results released?

      6. sravani says:

        when yaar? we r waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. abhiram says:

          hai sravani we r also waiting yaar……….!9494663844

        2. chaithanya says:

          its alreday 18th of march and ending of second week when r the results released sir

      7. Lakme says:

        It may be today or conformily on monday

        1. vamsi says:

          imeagerly waiting 4 results

      8. Balu says:

        Vallu result petru anthaaa twaraganaaa

    2. saranya says:

      plz inform the date of 1-1 results…..

      1. nandeesh says:

        plz give me the clear informaation on 1-1 2012 results

        1. kowshik says:

          what is the correct date of results?

        2. krish says:

          hai nandeesh r10 1 1 results on relsed march 17

      2. Balu says:

        Jntu kakinadaa r10 1-1 results are postponed upto 1 month due to the lecturer who will keep the result was in leaveee

    3. JNTU V.C says:


      1. karthik says:

        thanx for the reply…..:)

      2. vamsi says:

        thank u sir

      3. aditya says:

        sir tnku for the reply… but is that for sure sir..?

      4. srinath says:

        sir today is march 20 but no results yet

      5. aditya says:

        sir 2day is 21st march….. atleast now update exact date for our results….

    4. sravani says:

      we cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. sravani says:

        today is march17 but no result yet…………………….

      2. kailu says:

        u r passed dont worry

      3. nag says:

        1-1result on 25th

      4. ram says:

        Hai,sravs nice name @ ur result is 99.99% k? Reply

    5. aditya says:

      hey its already march 18…. please give us the exact date….

    6. manu says:

      results r to be released on 22nd of march,2012

  2. harsha says:

    when will we get results of 1st b.tech 1st sem of this academic year

    1. hanumantha rao says:

      when will we get results of jntuk 1st btech 1st semester this academic year. Thank you.

      1. hanumantha rao says:

        You are requested to send the date oc publication of jntuk 1-1 semester 2012 results.

        1. Iam fall in love.I like 26no AND results date march 26.

    2. shaheena says:

      hai my name is shaheena. can you pls reply 1-1 result.

      1. T Chinna Ankaiah says:

        you failed in all subjects !! CONGRATS

      2. benerji says:

        results r released on 24 th of this month dont worry

  3. dinesh says:

    pls send the date of 1-1 results

    1. hanumantha rao says:

      Let me know the probable dates of publishing results of jntuk 1-1 btech r10 2012.Thank you.

      1. Akil says:

        guruvaram march okati…saayantram 5:40 …fix ipooondii

  4. sujatha says:

    when will the results of 1st year 1st sem will be announced?

    1. anvprasad says:

      feb 29

      1. pravali says:

        is it true?

        1. Akil says:

          neeku aah vishyam..avasaramaaa?

      2. ayyappa says:

        is results annnounced this month 29

  5. ABHI says:


    1. hanumantha rao says:

      I am studying Btech eee jntuk 1st year.Thank you very much

  6. syam says:

    pls sand the date 1-1 2012

  7. Satish says:

    Send me the date plz

  8. Satish says:

    All students r waiting for the result atleast plz send the date

  9. avinash says:

    when the results ?????????????????

  10. Venki says:

    Feb ( ) means which date as ur saying that ur already posted but pls check

  11. gowthami says:

    plz tell us the date of our results.plz……….

    1. hari says:

      MARCH 18

  12. navneet kudupudi says:

    wen wil d results release

  13. Divya says:

    please send the date of 1-1 result

    1. vallika says:

      its may b 2day

  14. satya says:

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzz inform the results date

  15. vengalrao says:

    plz infor the date for 1b.tech 1-1 results

  16. keerthi says:

    give the date……………………
    month maku thelusu

  17. giridar says:

    When the 1-1 2012 sem results plz inform

  18. u.naga subbarao says:

    when will be the results 1-1 jntuk r10 2012

  19. sonu says:

    plz send the date of 1-1 results plzzzzzzzzz

    1. RAVI says:

      results will be on 01-03-2012 at 1:00am

  20. dinesh says:

    vallu results date pumparu ra babu manalne champadaneke

  21. charan says:

    our kind request to you to announce our 1-1 results of 2012.please announce them in your best.
    thanking you,

  22. krishna says:

    please inform me about the date of R10 1-1 sem results

  23. nagasandy says:

    useless fallow sen d 1-1 result

  24. karanam says:

    thanks for the post .. :)

  25. tulasi chowdary says:

    when will be results announced?

  26. pravali says:

    the students of btech 1st year jntuk are so waiting for the results so please announce atleast the result date

  27. avinash says:

    k thanq but dont delay

  28. mounika says:

    plz send 1st year 1st sem results 2012 to my mail.

    1. syam says:

      feb 29th today

    2. ram says:

      Hi mounika, give the roll number,i will announce the result?reply plz…,,,?

  29. valli says:

    when are our 1st semester results pls reply me?

    1. vallika says:

      hey 2day

      1. by says:

        at what time

        1. vallika says:

          march 1st wk. shit

          1. priya says:

            waiting for jntuk r10 results 2012

  30. sweta singh says:

    sir sir,
    our kind request to you to announce our 1-1 results of 2012.please announce them in your best.

  31. deekshith says:

    please send the date of 1-1 b.tech results

  32. prasanth says:

    is it conform that the results are on 29th

    1. sivaram says:

      may be on march 3rd……not today

      1. praveen says:

        yes ……. march 3rd antunnaru bayata talk ante undi mari lets w8

        1. nivyaanuraga says:

          still waiting

  33. dmnaidu says:

    Fnds the results will be anounced at the 1mid

  34. Shiva says:

    Plz send me 1-1 results date…………

  35. raghu says:

    please delay the result as much as possible ;-D

  36. rama says:

    plz inform the exact date

  37. sivakumar says:

    sir i request to u send the data of 1-1 sem result plz sir

  38. j.rakesh says:

    when was the btech 1-1 results will come please tell
    the date

  39. sivaram says:

    evvaruuuu nammakandi eroju kadu results…………..

  40. surya says:

    hi frns

    results will be around 2nd week or 1st week. Last year the results were announced on 17 march. jus relax…..

  41. chaithanyakumar says:

    gd eveng sir pls put the 1-1 results we r eagerly wating for that date pls tell us we request u we r wating for it

  42. prasanth says:

    plz……. put the 1-1 r10 2012 results

  43. priyanka says:

    please send result date of first sem

    1. kailu says:


  44. phani kumar says:

    it is true 29th feb are the releasing date

  45. m kartik says:

    sir plzzz on which date results are released ?

  46. raghavendra says:

    when results of btech 1-1 come

  47. vallika says:

    on wich date results ccan b annouced?

  48. p.m.sai sricharan says:

    sir,when will the 1-1 results 2012 displayed it is not connecting now. please reply soon

  49. please send the date of 1-1 b.tech results

  50. sivaramaraju says:

    give the result date

    1. avinash says:

      may i knw wh da jntu will releae 1-1 resultz.
      plz t me da exat date

      1. namratha says:

        hey which clg u r frm???????

        1. nivyaanuraga says:

          results tension lo unte neeku a colz o kavalsochinda talli…

  51. Manasa says:

    When Will be the results in march? Please announce the date……

  52. viswateja says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send the results as early as possible

  53. lokesh says:

    plz inform the 1st sem results 2012

  54. MADHU says:


  55. srujana says:

    please send me the date of 1-1 result of this academic

  56. vasanth says:

    when the 1-1 results plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me

  57. prabhas says:

    plzzz send me when the 1-1 results

  58. krishna says:

    1 1 result date

  59. surya says:

    we want r-11 1-1 results

  60. santoshkumar says:

    please release the results as early as possible

  61. plz inform the 1st sem results 2012

  62. priya says:

    when was the 1-1 results….

  63. valli says:

    i will pass give my results fast

  64. bujji says:

    Sir can u say the correct date plz………..

    1. hari says:

      March 18

  65. naidu says:

    March 2 to be results announced

  66. rohini kumar says:

    confirm this week friends!!!

  67. haritha says:

    sir plz send me the date of releasing our 1-1 sem regular results

  68. gangahdar says:

    when the results com ?

  69. chandra says:

    when results are come

  70. raghavendra says:

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t release resultssssssss.

  71. raghavendra says:

    plz don’t release results

  72. sushma says:

    i studying b-tech 1st year in pragati engineering college,i want to know when 1-1results ‘ll be going to results,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz inform me…………………………………………

  73. sarojini says:

    when will r11 1-1 2012 results announced plz inform the date

  74. s says:

    time plz…………….

  75. sunil says:

    hey please only the perfect and exact date of time of results and dont publish the imaginary or expected date it will incresing our tension and fear of percent…………. its a small request from students

  76. prasanna says:

    wen r 1-1 results going to be announced??????????
    plz update the date

  77. pranamya says:

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzz post the results of 11

  78. praveen says:

    march 1st week already over. dan wr is results????????

  79. KRISHNA says:

    please send me when the results of r10 1-1 will come plzzzzzzzzzzzzz to all engineering colleges

    1. avinash says:

      monday result?5th march 2012

  80. karthik says:

    thanks for the updates.. please menton the date :)

  81. renuka says:

    plz inform the exact date

  82. chinni says:

    plz inform the date

  83. Brahma says:

    what is the date?

  84. veneela says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send the date of our results of 1-1 R10

  85. u.naga subbarao says:

    when will be 1st year results will come plz inform

  86. rajani says:

    plz tell the date properly that is enough for us sir

  87. prasanth says:

    when u rlz the results of 1-1 r10 btech ……
    we are waiting for those results so plz rlz the results as well asw possible

  88. dvskdeekshitulu says:

    plz…… dont raise our tensions release the results

  89. yashwanth says:

    waiting 4n results eagerly………………..

  90. seshagiri says:

    The paper valuetion the papers correctly

  91. monica says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give the exact date of 1st year results

  92. syam says:

    hai darling naga

  93. harish says:

    when 1-1 results are released?

  94. kinnera says:

    plz inform the exact date

  95. raj says:

    waiting for date????????????????????????

  96. surya bhai says:

    orey result evvara ponivaddhu andhariki 75% vesyanadi

    1. nivzz says:

      hahahaha..vaalu ichinatte leeeee…

  97. Rahul says:

    Anta late aa…..

  98. krish says:

    hi evry one gd eve 11 results not released this year not waiting plzzzzzzz k evry pass to be be the 11 r10this the confo

  99. karthik says:

    hope u vl release the results tomorrow…atleast p;z post the exact date…

  100. rajani says:

    when are our results if the results r on saturday plz postpone our mid exams of d on coming sem sir

  101. ajay says:

    we’re eagerly waiting for 1-1 results don’t waste our time

  102. chinni says:

    hi plz send results date

  103. venki says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz release the results

  104. vijay says:

    please inform the exact date of results……………….

  105. sravanthi says:

    plzzzzzz keep the result date its already 17th kada we are waiting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it fast

    1. nag says:

      1-1result on 25th
      nuvu tension padaku k.

      1. sravanthi says:

        baboiiiiiiiiii 25th aaaaaaaaaa

  106. rajkumar says:

    plz announce the date , when the results are released. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir. thank you

  107. sneha says:

    will d results b declared 2mrw

    1. hari says:

      yes results will be declared 2mrw i.e 18th

    2. srivatsav says:


  108. bharat says:

    frnds results are going to release with in 2days sir jntuk chef ke call chese kannukunaru

  109. sravani says:

    we cant bare the tension anymore…………..plzz
    is it really today???

  110. sravani says:

    today we didnt go to college hoping our results……….we are not ready to loss the college for another day…hahahaha so plzz release them.what you are doing after everything was ready to publish….we cant wait anymore…..

  111. ayyappa says:

    when wil be our 1st sem results
    please reply

  112. ayyappa says:

    when will our first semisterresultscome

  113. Murthy says:

    When will the results strike us….;) ????

  114. ashwini says:

    we r eagerly waitng for results hw many days u will tak 2 giv dhe results plzzzzzzzzz release the results 2day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. ashwini says:

      plz release results 2dayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  115. nivzz says:

    please release the results on APRIL 1st

  116. nivyaanuraga says:

    release them on april 1st

  117. by says:

    1-1 results r going to be released exactly at 11:30 today ni8

  118. chinni says:

    plz inform date

  119. chinni says:

    plz post the exact date plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsir

  120. chinni says:


  121. gauthamkumar says:

    announce the date ,when the results are relesed

  122. sravani says:

    we want R10 1-1 results..plz inform the date!!

    1. ram says:

      Hai ,sravs ur result is 99.99% k? & give me ur roll number plz? Reply

  123. devi says:

    eppudu evaddu pls mid aipoyina tarwata evvandi

    1. saikrishna says:

      ayyo adenti andi andaru results kosam wait chestunte meeremo apudae ivadhu antunaru ..plsssssssss …….ala korukovadhu.:(……….v wiill b happy if our results are informed as soon as possible..:(

    2. nivyaanuraga says:

      yaa..please give them after mid or else on april 1st

  124. priyanka says:

    please tell that result will release on 20 march

    1. saikrishna says:

      dont put hopes on JNTUK they wont release our reaults till 2nd semister is completed

    2. ram says:

      Oye nice name & results anounced to day k?

  125. nag says:

    due to hot weather conditions the results are postponed 2 25th

    1. nivyaanuraga says:

      weather ki results ki sambadam enti sir????

      1. nivyaanuraga says:

        papers ki swet vastada enti?

    2. hari says:

      That is not proper reason.Please release soon.

  126. phani says:

    when 1-1 results will be announced plz inform the date

  127. usha says:

    hey, plzz inform the date of 1-1 resultsss

  128. karthik.o.n says:

    mid exams kanna ee resuls tension aekkuvaipothundhi.
    so plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir . atleast display d results

  129. Ananth says:

    Pls send the results to my phone numbers or my gmail account
    My phone no:7382040534

    or conform a date ass soon as possible and sen to us

  130. saikrishna says:

    Pls Inform us when will be resutls updated………..plsss……….if not so keep that results with you only.dont post in this life time….:(

  131. roshan says:

    inform about 1-1 results

  132. srikanth says:

    hey if know the exact date then inform us but don’t announce false date…….
    students are worrying a lot……….

  133. abhi says:

    are mama results late aina parvaledu maku mid exams jargutunai 25na pampinchu pls

  134. gopal says:

    plz give me the 1-1 results

  135. karthik says:

    why so late?

  136. karthik says:

    atleast plz post the date…..!

  137. chinni says:

    pllz give me the result plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir plz

  138. Murthy says:

    eppudu mama results???

  139. abhi says:

    rslt eroju vastunnaya

  140. chandu says:


  141. sravani says:

    is it true that results will be released tomorrow?

  142. Murthy says:

    Hurray results released….i passed all….

  143. jagadish says:

    jntuk mba 1sem 2012 resultss apuduuu vasthaee??????

  144. KSVPRAKASH says:


  145. SATISH.VELUGU says:

    Type your comment here…