Jntu Kakinada:Jntuk 3-1 r07 regular/supply results 2012

Jntuk 3-1 r07 results 2012
The jntu kakinada results of 3rd year 1st semister of all branches ece,eee,mechanical,cse,chemical,civil,eie and all other branches are released today afternoon i.e. on Januray 9th As already expected.Chek your results from the below links .All The Best! please be in touch With us- Facebook Link

JntuZone.com Results Link - Click Here

Schools9.com Results Link – Click Here

Manabadi.com Results Link – Click Here


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  1. Narayana says:

    Thank u

  2. raju says:

    good websitee

  3. Srinivas says:

    Thats Good News Is it possible to invoke particular Hall ticket Number Marks >When The Results Has been released…..
    Srinivas Ladi

  4. Rajesh says:

    results are avaliable

  5. trinadh says:

    3-1 sem regular results. when the results are released

  6. sowjanya says:

    please send results as early as possible please annonuce the date and time also.

  7. praveen says:

    thnku for d info

    1. praveen says:

      thanku for d info

  8. ravi says:

    plzz announce the exact dateeee of results

  9. bindu says:

    please send the date and time when the 3-1 sem regular results are released

    1. Swamy says:

      Y people u r crazy about results d results dont change may b 2day r 2marw what ever it’s waste of time dnt think it yar

      1. mannu says:

        Y ru worrying that others are worrying about result….dnt hink it yar

  10. sarvani says:

    when 3-1 jntu kakinada results are release

    1. Tmrrow 4:0 pm exam results.

  11. praveen says:

    plz send exat date of 3-1(r07) result.

  12. sriharsha says:

    plz send exat date and time of 3-1(r07) result.

  13. suresh says:

    pls enounsed of results that time pls inform

  14. suma says:

    plz tell me exact date and time of 3-1 results

  15. girija says:

    hey results r released in clg websites jst wait it will cum to the manabadi

    1. chandu says:

      neku avaru cheparu…………….

    2. Swamy says:

      Hey dnt tel like that so many members have heart attack for this news

    3. sudhakar says:

      girija is it true ……..eagerly waiting for the results from 3 days

    4. JntuZone says:

      The results are not yet release.According to our sources it is going to be release on January 9th.


  16. honey says:

    sir please say exact date and time of 3-1 results..pleaseeeeeeeeee

    1. JntuZone says:

      The results are not yet release.According to our sources it is going to be release on January 9th.


      1. sai says:

        please tel me the exat time

  17. SREE says:


  18. SREE says:


  19. swamy says:

    thank u sir

  20. vyshnavi says:

    sir pls say 3-1 results exact date and time plsssssssssss

    1. krishna says:

      dnt worry vyshnavi..u will be the topper

  21. krishna says:

    i dont ant thse results please postpone of possible

  22. Anwar Hussain says:

    hey y r u guys worried abt the results al the time????doz wich r to b released wil b released…don worry abt dem nd waste lots of tym on it……:-):-)

  23. Yaswanth says:

    Results will be announcedd today 07-30 pm

    1. gk says:

      How do you know Yaswanth ?

  24. gk says:

    Don’t worry about the results guys.
    Just say to yourself that ‘ALL IS WELL’.

  25. ram says:

    results r likely 2 b released this day by any time..i had a news from nodal centre..if its not possible 2day definitely v l get 2mrw by 4

  26. honey says:

    2moro is it true, but somebody is saying that the result will be going to announce today itself…..?

  27. sai says:

    wen r d results?
    today or 2mrw?
    plz rly…………..

  28. madhuri says:

    r u sure,bout da result??is it gng to release by 4pm tmrw???
    need jone reply…?please…???let me knw..this

  29. madhuri says:

    r u sure…,bout the result??is it gng to release by 4pm tmrw???
    i need a jntujone to rply fr this…please let me know…

    1. JntuZone says:

      Hello Madhuri,
      We cannot say the time but according to sources results will be declared on tommorow.
      Be cooll.All the best !


  30. gk says:

    Nuvvu keka Boss……..

  31. gani says:

    itssss awesome

  32. radhika says:

    wen z d result?today by 7.30pm or tomorrow by 4pm..
    i need jntuzone reply….plz rly me as soon as possible

  33. rea results kosam chudaku.vachhevi raaka maanavu.poi life ni njoy chei.k na.

  34. Raviteja yadav says:

    please update results out date

  35. sree says:

    plzzzzzzz sir tell me wen will be 3-1 regular xam results r 2 be released

  36. rajani says:

    when the 3-1 reults coming
    plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me exat date

  37. Swamy says:

    Hi fnds 2marw exam results guaranty so dnt worry and ready 2 give d party 2me

  38. swathi says:

    hey anyone pls tell me the exact date of 3-1 results plssssssssss

  39. asahel roy.yamarathi says:

    conform ya????????????????????/

  40. Poornima says:

    sir can u say me that when will be the 3-1 results are going to be released plz reply me

  41. honey says:

    when are our 3-1 results????????please say give me replay

  42. honey says:

    hey result has been declared i am very happy with my result

    1. JntuZone says:



      1. pavan says:

        mba 1st sem 2012 results release date ????????????

  43. bhanu prakash says:

    wen the 2-2 supply results r going to be announced.pls let me know.

    1. JntuZone says:


      Let The 3-2 supply results come.Any how, We will update you as soon as 2-2 r07 supply results are out. In Between Be in touch with us on FB @ http://www.fb.me/jntuzone . For more updates like our page :)


  44. Ramesh says:

    When b.tech 2-2 r10 results anounced

  45. soundarya says:

    when the 2-2 results are going to announce plz let me know the date or time..plz..sir..

  46. sai says:

    when jntu kakinada 2-2 supply results r gng to release

  47. xdgcf says:

    when 2-2 results will release

  48. venky says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii please send the online bits for ece 4-2 (dsppa)

  49. pavan says:

    mba 1st sem 2012 results release date ???????

  50. sravya says:

    Type your comment here…

  51. vicky says:

    very good

  52. Phani says:


  53. vineela says:

    when are the 3-1 supplies going to commence?

    1. anusha says:

      when u r release 4-2 results.tel me the correct date nd time

  54. abhinash says:

    please confirm the results date for 3-2

  55. honey says:

    please say exact date and time of 3-2 results

  56. honey says:

    sir please say exact date and time of our jntuk 3-2 results

  57. ganesh says:

    when r the 3-1 & 2-1 results from jntuk coming

  58. Dinesh says:

    Sir .
    When will we get revaluation result for 4-1 supply R07, please intimate us regarding this.

  59. hi there grant i dont normaly give it out but i think this is the site
    filling address , they have a deal on at the mo , mention mick said you would sort him out

  60. Bunny says:

    When will be the 3-1 supply results…..R-07., JNTU KKD……????

  61. shyam says:

    sir whaen will be 3-1,2-1 results of r07

  62. shaik says:

    3-1 supply link is not connecting please renew that one

  63. satish says:

    when 3-1 supplementary results for r07 is released?

  64. fayaz says:

    plz shw 3-1 supply results